We are looking for a sponsor!

The Historical Diving Society the Netherlands Foundation is looking for people / companies that want to sponsor us. Let’s start with who we are and what we want.

What started as an extremely interesting hobby for us as individuals has grown into a mature foundation through a Working Equipment Group. We are proud of what we have achieved: organizing an (international) historical diving weekend for more than 20 years, demonstrations during the nautical event Furieade in Maassluis for almost 10 years and visits to foreign historical diving events.
We now manage a fine collection of cultural diving historical materials, partly donated and partly on loan. A start has been made with collecting diving-related books. We have also started a winter program in which the foundation invites interested parties for lectures and workshops.

We want to expand our already established foundation with more financial possibilities. This gives the opportunity to pay for the restoration of the historical diving materials that we have in our management. A good example of this is the restoration of an old diving helmet by Siebe Gorman. In addition to these two authentic helmets, we also want to restore the two associated diving pumps. We do that under our own management.

In addition to financial resources, we are also looking for people / companies who can support us with books, photos, knowledge, historical diving materials, etc. The foundation has its own heated and secured storage place, so larger materials are also welcome.

What do we have to offer?
– Supporting cultural and historical diving heritage
– Brand awareness by including company name on the banner and/or website
– Participation in helmet diving meetings
– Taking care of display historical diving materials at sponsor’s company / activity

Contact us for more information