Our team

Kees de Jonge

(chairman) Active for over 20 years as a standard helmet diver and designer of the DDH

Andre Merks

(Seretary) Fanatic sports diver who, in addition to normal diving, has a passion for classic diving

Sandy Rijgersberg

(Treasurer) Since he was 10 inherited the passion for helmet diving from his father. In addition to active helmet diving, also responsible for the equipment management of the HDS

Frank Thijssen

(Photo/videographer) Active for over 20 years with the DDH, supporting the preservation of historical diving.

Christophe Rivière

Attracted to helmet diving since early childhood, the interest in history gradually specialised in the development of French equipment.

Hans van Leeuwen

My love for helmet diving started more than 45 years ago, I have regularly been allowed to dive with different standard equipment. In recent years my interest has expanded to early Kirby Morgen helmets