Who is the the HDS Netherlands?

Founded in January 2019

HDS NL was established as a foundation in January 2019 and originates from the DWEG (Dutch Working Equipment Group). English denominations because we are affiliated with the international Hystorical Diving Society’s. The goal is to collect and maintain the knowledge of (historical) diving by collecting the materials, information, books, photos, stories as much as possible and to increase the knowledge about diving. This is done by diving with the materials, think of the copper helmet diving equipment, to be present at exhibitions and to give diving demonstrations.

What more do you want in your life when you can dive the helmet? – Kees de Jonge

Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds with a shared passion for exploring, preserving and recording our diving heritage. Our members are encouraged to meet and exchange information through our various functions and activities.

More about The HDS

Our specialist interest groups include film and book groups and we have an active ‘Working Equipment Group’ which maintains and demonstrates vintage diving equipment. We maintain close relations with our international Societies and enjoy regular exchange visits. The Society publishes a journal, magazine, facsimiles and newsletters and has an extensive reference library. We also have the only museum in the UK which is dedicated solely to diving.


  • The world’s first Historical Diving Society
  • Visits to historical diving sites in the UK and abroad
  • Museum and reference library
  • Working equipment displays
  • Annual conference
  • Artefact and data source for TV and film industry
  • Friendly, active special interest groups
  • Genealogical data base of helmet divers

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