During this Underwater walk specialty, given according to the PADI or IADS system, the participants become acquainted with all the details of a so-called “open diving helmet”. Unlike the brass helmet specialty where the participants wear a complete diving suit, this equipment only consists of a diving helmet. This diving helmet is worn without a suit but is connected to a surface air supply. It seems exciting, but this diving helmet offers enormous freedom. This is best reflected in a swimming pool or in warm and tropical outdoor water.
The participant is taken into a number of basic skills such as jumping, raising the diving helmet, swimming the jump into the water and lying down.
Because we depend on a swimming pool for this specialty, it is best to give with members of a diving club that has swimming pool lessons. We then come to the pool to let the participants follow the specialty.
This specialty is organized for min 2, max 4 participants in the “own swimming pool of the diving association”.

The price is 199 euros including Padi license or 145 euros p.p. including IADS license.