Diver Repairs uit Maasbracht levert een Kevlar Suit met een Siebe Gorman 6-bouts kraag

Diving with antique diving dresses sometimes is limited to the lifetime of the canvas suit. The HDS-NLThe dives with genuine equipment, and if possible, also the original canvas suits. Most of the time these are not dive-able anymore. And for safety reasons the HDS was looking for replacement suits wich can be used with the original helmets and diving equipment.

Ernst van Kan, owner of dive-repairs.nl brought us the solution! Now we are the proud owner of a new Kevlar diving suit provided with a (original) 6-bolt collar. The Kevlar suit is already used by several diving events and by several divers. Our general opinion iss that the suit is very divable!, very pliable and comfortable. Because of the material, Kevlar, it is of course also very durable and, also nice, surprisingly easy to clean and it dries very quick. The HDS The Netherlands is very proud and glad to have this suit.

A hugh thank you to Ernst van Kan for his assistence, advise and craftmanship.