In april 2023 a request came in from indoor diving pool TODI. The Dutch Diving Helmets team visits TODI frequently to conduct underwater walks for their clients. The question was if we wanted to cooperate for a television broadcast called Vlaanderen vakantieland. (Flanders holiday destination)
Vlaanderen vakantieland is an informative series for the promotion of tourism in Vlaanderen, Belgium and is broadcasted on the Belgium television.

During this episode the surroundings of Leopoldsburg were brought to the attention. TODI, located in the direct neighbourhood, was one of the highlights in this episode. For those unknown with TODI: TODI is the biggest indoor divingpool of Europe where divers and snorkelers can actually dive between thousands of tropical freshwater fish. So this makes it an interesting place for tourists.
For more information about TODI:

Stars of this episode were celebrities Maureen and Titus, who made an underwater walk with a bronze open water diving helmet, also known as the helmetdiving initiation.
These open water helmets are used without a diving suit. It is a safe, easy and comfortable way to explore the many surprises TODI offers. For more information about diving with these helmets, see our menu, topic “dive with”

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the support of our diving team or if you want to use historical diving Equipment.

Naturally, we will cooperate with the director in relation to the possibilities for the use of historical diving gear and/or diving operations.
Our priority is that the importance of safety always takes precedence over the importance of the recording.