Glenn de Wilde, host of the podcastseries The Polygon Seahorse, reached out for us with the question if we would cooperate in his podcast. The Polygon Seahorse specializes in diving: scubadiving, underwater photography, wreckdiving, cavediving and so on. Nostalgic helmet diving was one of his wishes.

so in June 2023 we travelled to Antwerp to meet Glenn.

In june 2023, Historical Diving Society board members Andre and Kees went to Antwerp and met Glenn in his studio. The interview was supported by images and photo’s and handled about diving history, the further development to the Historical Diving Society. It was a very pleasant interview with lots of other topics.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the support of our diving team or if you want to use historical diving Equipment.

Naturally, we will cooperate with the director in relation to the possibilities for the use of historical diving gear and/or diving operations.
Our priority is that the importance of safety always takes precedence over the importance of the recording.