Pietje Bell is a story of a young boy. Because of his boyish pranks, he ends up in all kinds of adventures. Originally, these storys originated around the 1920’s, when the first books of his adventures were published. In 2002, the first of three movies were shown in the cinema’s around The Netherlands.

In the spring of 2002, a request was made for the cooperation of the movie. The recordings were made at the harbour of Dordecht.

Our cooperation was show helmet divers of the divingcrew that searched for Pietje Bell after he fell in the harbour. There were two shots: one where the divers were given the signal to start the search for Pietje Bell and the second one where the diver submerges. For reassurance: there was a happy end…

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the support of our diving team or if you want to use historical diving Equipment.

Naturally, we will cooperate with the director in relation to the possibilities for the use of historical diving gear and/or diving operations.
Our priority is that the importance of safety always takes precedence over the importance of the recording.