In October 2008 broadcast organisation Omroep Brabant (Broadcast Brabant) showed an episode of Oog &Blik. Nostalgic helmet diving with the Siebe Gorman diving helmet was the main topic.

Oog & Blik is a smooth and fast program with human interest and/or special matters for the region. The broadcasts take place via regional broadcastchannel Omroep Brabant

Hanneke and Koen were present during one of our helmet diving events at Lake Galder, located near Breda, The Netherlands to take recordings of diving operations with the Siebe Gorman diving equipment.
The topics in this episode were the history of helmetdiving, explanation of the diving Equipment, dressing procedures and off course the actual diving operations.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the support of our diving team or if you want to use historical diving Equipment.

Naturally, we will cooperate with the director in relation to the possibilities for the use of historical diving gear and/or diving operations.
Our priority is that the importance of safety always takes precedence over the importance of the recording.