The Historical Diving Society the Netherlands

HDS Weekend 2020

This year, the Historical Diving Society will meet at Lake Galder, Breda, the Netherlands. The event will take place on Saturday 19, and Sunday 20 September 2020. During this weekend, you will be able to meet a lot of helmet divers from all over the world. There will be at least five complete diving sets present. An overview of the equipment is stated below:

  • 2 complete Siebe Gormans (including diving pump)
  • 1 complete Dreager 3-bolt (including diving pump)
  • 1 Dreager DM 220
  • 1 Russian 3-bolt diving set
  • Some other gear (Aquadyne, Kirby Morgan and MKV)

For the full event description, you can click on the link below, to download the PDF-file. A preview of the full document can be seen below:Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 15.26.18

Click here to download the full PDF-file